Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Good thing one of these things was made well

While we hate to play favorites (although we will later when we post the one that took our breath away the moment we saw it, shrieked and made the driver pull over. It's called building suspense, gentle reader) we will wager that a certain male reader with an affinity for things metal and constructionist will quite like this one.

In case you didn't get the first time that this one has been dropped from an overpass, caught in the rafters above the underground lot where we park our car, here it is again.

And yes, we were quite good at finding Waldo thankyouverymuch. Not so much the blurry photos in the Sunday comics where something jumped out at you. But very good at Waldo.


Anonymous said...

PLD - keep writing and stopping cars for busted umbrella pics.
"...affinity for things metal and constructionist..." - indeed
good eye & nice composition on that pic

for other things metal and constructionist...this site is a doozy...just stay away from the mail order brides


archy in a painters body

Katie said...

hi, thanks. I don't know what composition means -- is that like the notebook?