Friday, December 12, 2008

Buyer's remorse

Scene: Conference room. Day.

Take 1.

Okay people, we're not leaving until we come up with a list of suggestions for the hot new umbrella design. We need something that's really going to pop. Stand out from the others at the front of the restaurant. Or in a crowd. Opposite of black. We need something that shows our user's personality. Not cats, we've done cats. Think outside the box. Pizazz! What's hot right now? And nothing that needs licensing fees.

Scene: Conference room. Day.

Take 2.

We need a design so utterly horrifying that the user will just abandon their perfectly usable umbrella willy nilly, because you know what they WILL remember when they get back to their warm house? that it Didn't. Break. And that's what makes Repeat Customers, people, so get to thinkin'!

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