Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Universal language

Caitlin came to us via yesterday's author, Gail, and was kind enough to share a series of photos taken during her excursion to Bratislava, Slovakia. You know, just your average type of submission here at BOS-HQ.

Caitlin had such an authentic experience (some people we know wont even stop during their normal activities to take a photo for us; she took four during her vacation!) that we're honored to share it with you in her very own words.

Enjoy, gentle reader(s?). And thank you, Caitlin, from the bottom of our wanderlusting hearts!

When I visited in Bratislava with my two friends in March, the weather was very bleak. It was pouring, wind gusts up to 40 mph and temperatures in the 40s. We had an entire day to kill in Bratislava before our bus back to Prague at 4pm. We forced ourselves to laugh at the absurdity of our situation to stop from crying. We saw so many abandon umbrellas and we soon found ourselves identifying with the umbrellas. The last two pictures are my favorite (before.jpg and after.jpg). We had come to our last hour in awful Bratislava and we were trying to navigate our way back to bus station with a little tiny map that probably only had half of the streets on it. As we were walking we came across an abandon umbrella. We laughed. Then three seconds after we laughed a wind gust came and blew it into the street. We decided the umbrella was committing suicide. We nearly peed our pants at the thought.


kate said...

Suicide never seemed so funny! Thanks for the laugh.

Suddenly i have the urge to grab my camera and and do a little raindance.

Anonymous said...

Help, help it's raining and I need an umbrella and there is none to be found!!!