Friday, January 8, 2010


Because this blog is made so much more interesting through the generous contributions and submissions by our volunteer corps of umbrellarazzi, we tend to shower them with thanks instead of demanding exact geographic coordinates where photos are found.

And because the CIA wouldn't answer our email queries, we put on our Nancy Drew hat and conducted our own internal investigation: The Case of The Time Lapsed Photos, a wine-fueled thorough side-by-side comparison of two similar Rittenhouse Square photos. Nancy would have put on a sensible pair of heels and gone to the scene, photos in hand, but frankly - it was snowing. Our only conclusion is that we really want to know how that scarf brigade gets those scarves around these objects? Tape? Pins? A final sew? So intriguing!

Without further ado, our first shot comes from Alyssa:

And the second, sent a few days later, but probably taken just hours later by @gaillary

As you can see. We make no conclusions, but isn't it fun to imagine it so?

Thanks ladies!

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