Thursday, April 1, 2010

New caption contest. New awesome prize!

If you've been here before, you know the drill. If you're new - listen carefully to the rules: Take a stab at writing the most hilarious, insightful or appropriate caption for one, two or all three of the supplied photos. Leave your caption entry as a comment in the post, and in one week your peers will have the opportunity to vote you Caption Captain III.


Before we reveal this round's three photo candidates, let's reveal the prize. In keeping with our very high prize standards, it's a beaut. Caption Captain III will be the lucky recipient of a PERSONALLY SIGNED copy of The Manual of Detection by the esteemed* Jedediah Berry. Recognize the name? That's right, we snuck in his debut submission earlier this week, sneaksters that we are! It seems that Mr. Berry also shares our interest in rain's hardest working accessory, which is evident right there on page 2 of the Manual.

Enough with the appetite whetting, let's get to the captionless candidates!

Photo 1, courtesy of umbrellarazzi @JHemerka:

Photo 2:

Photo 3, courtesy of Maryland correspondent, Moira:

And there you go - comments are open for your caption-entry candidates! Good luck, have fun, and a very, very special thanks to Mr. Berry for his generous gift. See you back here in a week for the opening of the voting.

*If you're into the whole Young Lions Fiction Award, Strand Critics Award, Dashiell Hammett Prize finalist thing. Which we are.


Rachel said...

Photo 3: Mary Poppins got a raise.

Kayden said...

Photo 1: Crushed

Photo 2: Shattered in the city

Photo 3: Umbrella fruit, anyone?

Jennifer said...

Photo 3:
"Hey baby, you lookin' for a date?"

Pretty Woman style.

Rachel said...

Photo 2: City of No Brella Love

Eileen said...

Photo one:

Giving new meaning to double parked

eyewhit said...

#1 - Grand Marquis Odyssey 2010

#2 - The Brella Locker

#3 - Sweeney for Mayor

-2 said...

Photo 1: Crown Victoria'd

Photo 2: This sky too, is folding under you....
(And it's all over now, Baby Blue)

Photo 3: New iphone app or GPS success?

Jennifer said...

Photo 1:
OK, so step one is to loosen the lug nuts...

Roisin said...

Photo 2:
Urban umbrella
Those mean streets ain’t so easy
Now you’re bedraggled

Kim said...

Photo 1: A wheely bad day indeed

Photo 2: Boulevard of broken umbrellas

Photo 3: A sunny day in the life of an umbrella call girl

brah said...

1 - blown tire

2 - a quick run through of the news

3 - Inbrella

Roisin said...

photo 3: will work for rain

Anonymous said...

1 - I am the wheel I want to be.

2 - Baby's got the blues.

3 - Lawn bowling score: Umbrella 1, Hummer 0

Andrew said...

1. Oh, I'll show *you* a blowout.

2. Stupid club kids. It's "raise" the roof not "raze" the roof.

3. Driven to retraction.

Roisin said...

Photo 1: so tired of the rain

Bitter Bliss said...

Photo 3: Preemptive Strike

captain falcon said...

i'm pretty sure they are all saying "i quit!" in umbrella language

Ted said...

#3 - Even umbrellas flip off dudes in Hummers.