Friday, May 29, 2009


A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament.
Oscar Wilde

When we first discovered Ms. Fiona Long (and frankly, we don't remember how. Kismet?), she was in the process of collecting broken brollys for an art project. Well we're happy to report that the project is now complete and available for your viewing here. Congratulations, Fiona!

And if we may add two personal observations: If that's what Londoner's call "broken," we certainly expect a lot more photographs coming from your side of the pond. Also, you have much more fascinating choices for umbrellas.


fiona long said...

Thank you so much for showing this Katie!

I know, I know, they're not wildly broken specimens. I had some much better ones but unfortunately I couldn't get them through all the stringent health and safety checks. As it was I needed to stitch any broken spokes into the neighbouring umbrellas and on the inside I had to use hundreds of cables ties and a load of gaffa tape even though nobody was inside. Maybe if I'd put it in a plastic bubble they would've let me use the really kaput ones. Oh well! For some reason the most broken ones that I couldn't use were mostly black and two red ones. Strange huh?

Thanks again. I had great fun doing it!

-2 said...

Beautiful brellies!

Vitania said...

How much do I love this post and blog.. it's unbelievably thrilling to see these.. i have a new found love for my pathetic umbrella collection..

why do i fee like I just joined a club?