Friday, August 28, 2009


Remember Fiona? Well she recently sent us an email saying she'd just returned from a trip to Tokyo, and while she was there... yup, you got it, she thought of US! We're verklempt over here. Tokyo! Vacation!

Where first she found this:

And then this:

She goes on to explain that any left-behind umbrellas in lobbys or metro stations are quickly collected by the homeless, and she was lucky enough to see why and where they go. What a grand re-use, and wonderful perspective from a new locale.

Thanks Fiona!

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fiona long said...

Well thanks Bella Brella! Somehow the pics look better when they're up here! They're keeping some great company now.

I was so lucky going on that trip, it was a sort of cultural exchange so it was like a vacation that was paid for by other people! Brilliant!